Perfectly made for Cell Regeneration



Why choose Bhmed products?

Bhmed authentic Swiss anti-aging formula provides a seamless solution for anti-aging, health regeneration, and total well being. FFVC and NanoVital Cell Extracts revitalize organ functions and restore biological balance. Our products are effective in treating fresh scars, burns, keloids, hyperpigmentation, age spots and other problematic skin conditions.

How are Bhmed products different from other cell therapy products?

The cell membrane and nucleus are removed during production. Therefore, allergic reaction is reduced and DNA/RNA is not transferred.

Are Bhmed products in compliance with industry regulations?

Our production facilities comply with GMP Directive 2001/83/EC and Cosmetics GMP ISO 22716 and production process protocols are in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Why are Bhmed products effective and safe?

Proprietary cold processing and ultrafiltration ensure our products have the highest cellular bioavailability. Our fresh and refrigerated cell extracts are ultrafiltrated through multiple steps so molecules of high mass are broken down to an incredibly small mass of less than 10k dalton. Due to the small mass, the cell extracts are automatically sterile, void of any impurities, bacterias or viruses.

Why is our placenta bioactive?

Our products are cold-processed, which means they are produced without any forms of heating. Not only nutrients and enzymes survive during the process, but also anti-inflammatory molecules, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, antioxidants, lipids, amino acids as well as peptides are well preserved.

Why use animal cells?

Animals are similar to humans. A human has approximately 200 to 220 different kinds of cells, and so does an animal. In addition, each cell type functions the same way for the human as well as for the animal.

How are cells harvested?

Cell extraction is carried out by our own trained personnel under veterinary supervision. The cold chain is preserved throughout on-site preparation and transport, with immediate processing in the ultramodern cleanroom of our contract laboratory. Butchery is EU Certified and controlled by German authorities (including TSE/BSE enactment).

What does traceability mean?

It means that every one of our ingredients is traceable from the raw materials to the finished product. They are safe and their quality is assured.

Cell Therapy

What is cell therapy?

Our body goes through gradual changes as we age. These include aging, scars, blemishes, spots, sagging skin and wrinkles. The human body will lose its capacity to replace dead cells with new ones. Cell therapy introduces human or animal cells into the human body for the purpose of replacing or repairing damaged cells.

What are the benefits of cell therapy?

Cell therapy slows down the aging process, brightens skin tone and complexion, enhances energy level, increases collagen production and accelerates tissue repair.

How is cell therapy different from stem cell therapy?

Cell therapy uses organ specific cells (e.g. liver cells, kidney cells), whereas in stem cell therapy, the cells used are undifferentiated, usually embryonic cells.

What is the basis of cell therapy?

The basis of cell therapy is the homing principle. In the 1970’s, at the University of Heidelberg, Drs. H. Lettre and F. Schmidt demonstrated, by radioactive marking and tracing of cells, that injected fetal cells invariably ended up in the target organ, i.e., heart to heart, liver to liver. This landmark research did much to prove that animal cellular material was indeed transported by the human host’s blood to counterpart organs and tissues.

Premium Extract

Why choose Premium Extract?

Bhmed Vital Cell Premium Extract softgels is the world’s only Neutraceutical Anti-aging Supplement. It contains cold-processed sheep placenta at a greater strength compared to similar products, to ensure high bioactivity. The sheep placenta that we use is from an origin-controlled colony where supply consistency is key. In addition, only ingredients of the highest quality are used to achieve a complete wellness and anti-aging package. All active ingredients are molecularly compressed and bonded with BSiDB, a proprietary blending biotechnology developed by our own scientists. All ingredients retain traceability from the raw materials to our authentic Swiss formulated finished product.

How does it work for anti-aging & whitening ?

It’s formulation was designed by our scientists to provide an overall wellness effect by targeting key factors of our health including but not limited to boosting our body’s organ cells with vital cold-processed enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. As our diet is primarily cooked food, many of these essential nutrients are destroyed in the course of heating. Vital Cell Softgels are manufactured entirely via cold processed through an advanced enzymatic digestion, followed by ultrafiltration which rendered the ingredients into nano particles for maximum absorption and finally blended through a proprietary BSiDB bio-blending sequence. Of the 6 bioactive ingredients, the 500mg Placenta, mg to mg, has the highest concentration in the market. It contains more than 128 different kinds of enzymes, growth factors/vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, immune-globulins and etc. These essentials provide the anti-aging effects. The Krill Oil (100mg) is another anti-aging component. This clinically proven ingredient is able to diminish away wrinkles as early as 8 weeks. The natural whitening effect is due to the Olive Polyphenols, which has hydroxytyrosol, a pre-cursor active ingredient to Glutathione. The Polyphenols will provides the body the means to produce glutathione which helps to lighten the skin.

What are all the benefits for long term consumption?

It helps with cell regeneration, cognitive improvement, skin complexion lightening, nails Renewal, cellular DNA protection. It also protects the cardiovascular system, eyes, bones and teeth and improves immunity and Joint Health.

How long before you can see the effect?

Usually within a 3-month course. Each individual is different, therefore it is prudent to evaluate properly. That being said, typically, one will see effect as early as a month of consumption. Still, we encourage a minimum of 3 months supply.

Why do we use sheep placenta?

Placenta, rich in nutrients, carries vital nourishments from the mother to the developing fetus. The placenta of the sheep offers more health and beauty benefits than others because of its similarity to human placenta.

From where does Bhmed source its sheep placenta?

We get our placenta from a colony of sheep in New Zealand.

NanoVital Cell Extracts

What are the ingredients inside the NanoVital Cell Extracts?

Nano Vital Cell Extracts are made from 10% active cell extracts from bioactive tissue. The active compounds, known as bio-peptides, are obtained through the nanofiltration of cell extracts derived from tissue or organs of rabbits procured from an EU-certified closed colony.

How does NanoVital Cell Extracts work?

There are numerous mechanism of actions but the most common ones being able to provide the cells with much needed basic cellular organelle components, substrates and enzymes. These components are organ-specific, which means it will only correspond to the specific type of organ to the specific type of cellular extracts.

What are all the benefits for NanoVital Cell Extracts?

NanoVital Cell Extracts are able to provide organs of our body with specific nano-peptides, substrates and enzymes. They are extracted from organ-specific cellular components or organelles. Think of them as ‘spare parts’ for your cells. They provide the means to boost cellular repair essentially starting the healing process of the damaged cell.

How soon before you can see effect?

For localized/area effect such as the face, usually as early as 3 weeks. For internal use, usually a little after a month.

How long does the effect last?

The effects usually ranged from 6 months to about 2 years. This is of course an estimate. The effect is more about repairing damaged cells to health. Once the existing cells are healthy, their cellular lifespan restored. Hence the premature death cycle of cells are halted. When that occurs, homeostatic balance are restored.

Fresh Frozen Vital Cell

What is Fresh Frozen Vital Cell (FFVC)?

This is an organ-specific cell therapy which uses fresh, live cells with high bio-activity. These cells are deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree Celsius to preserve all the active ingredients. Furthermore, the lysed cells are centrifuged to remove insoluble matter such as membrane fragments, vesicles and nuclei. Our product is prepared without any preservatives and stabilizers, and complies fully with Europe’s Safety Regulatory and Quality Assurance standards.

What is the treatment process?

Each treatment is individualized and full blood test will be evaluated by a physician.